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3 gratis eBooks: „A Triple Thriller Fest“ von Michael Wallace, Gordon Ryan & Philip Chen


Endlich gibt es wieder neue gratis eBooks 🙂
Diesmal drei englische Thriller, die sich in der Box „A Triple Thriller Fest“ befinden.

• „State of Siege“ – Michael Wallace
In Michael Wallace’s State of Siege, Tess Burgess, an expert in medieval warfare, is building siege engines in France, while running a sting operation against collectors of stolen artifacts. Obsessed with the collapse of civilization, Tess‘ ex-fiancée Peter’s latest grandiose scheme is a simulated war, like a giant paintball match for billionaire survivalists, but with crossbows and catapults. He asks Tess if she is good enough to defend an actual castle against medieval siege engines. One of the world’s most notorious artifact collectors will be on hand with his own ideas. With these participants, will the play war turn into the real thing?

• „State of Rebellion“ – Gordon Ryan
Gordon Ryan’s State of Rebellion is a fast-paced political thriller that could have easily been lifted out of today’s news. California is on the brink of secession, and those who oppose this drastic political maneuver are turning up dead. Federal Agent Nicole Bentley is sent to discover what she can about the movement and meets up with Assemblyman and National Guard JAG officer Daniel Rawlings, whose commitment to his country runs deep in his blood. Resisting their mutual attraction, they uncover a plot devised by greedy men bent on taking power at any cost. Nicole and Dan find themselves literally in the crossfire between secessionists and those who want to preserve the union.

• „Falling Star“ – Philip Chen
In Falling Star, Philip Chen takes you on a journey from the abyss to the beautiful deserts of the American Southwest as his hero Mike Liu attempts to crack the secrets of huge mysterious objects buried deep in the ocean. Unfortunately someone wants him dead and he must fight for his life. On top of all this, Mike learns that a revered friend has died. Will the death of Mike’s friend mean that the secrets of the enigmatic structures will remain forever buried in the silt and muck of the ocean deep?

Kleiner Hinweis:
Auch heute gibt es wieder einen Kindle-Deal des Tages: „Bats Sing, Mice Giggle“ für 1,09€ statt 6,26€. Den Link zu dem englischen eBook findet ihr bei den Extras.

SINA ¶¶¶ΔΞ (Gast)

04.03.2012, 09:07

Cool 🙂

Ryback85 (Gast)

04.03.2012, 09:21

Das gleiche sollen Sie mal mit deutschen Büchern machen

Sanchez (Gast)

04.03.2012, 10:05

@Rayback naja ab und zu maches sie das ja auch… (zuletzt am Valentinstag)

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