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3D VR Headset / Brille mit Sound!

von: pRoFeX
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Brille passt für Smartphones bis 6″ Display (Wohl auch mehr bei den randlosen Smartphones)

CouponCode: „STV4216I“

Versand kostenfrei, kein Zoll da unter Freibetrag, 15-20 Tage LZ.


3D IMAX screen wonderful experience.

360° stimulate & immersive gaming experience.

It is humanized and easy to use.Comfortable to wear, suitable for all kinds of people.

Support volume adjust, when use the VR to watch the video, you can adjust the vol via the adjust button.

Comfortable and breathable and soft earphone sponge, bring you better VR experience.E

Effectively prevent fatigue, isolated from Blu-ray damage eyes, do not splash, visual reality, HD, to bring you an visual enjoyment at the same time, also give a good care for your eyes.

The phone holder part and face touch part with thermal design, prevent the phone got hot, and prevent the lenses with water mist.

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