[Blu-Ray] American Gangster + Casino + Carlitos Way

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Beschreibung der Filme:

Casino This violent crime drama, based on a true story, focuses on the conflicts between a Jewish-American top gambling handicapper (Robert De Niro) his wife (Sharon Stone) and his violent mobster friend (Joe Pesci) as they attempt to oversee the day-to-day operations of a top casino in Las Vegas. -M.F.

American Gangster Academy Award winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe team with director Ridley Scott in this powerful epic story. Armed with the ruthless, streetwise tactics and a strict sense of honour, crime boss Frank Lucas (Washington) rules Harlem’s chaotic drug underworld. When outcast cop Richie Roberts (Crowe) sets out to bring down Lucas’s multimillion-dollar empire, it plunges both men an into a legendary confrontation.

Carlito’s Way Al Pacino and Brian De Palma reunite for the first time since the epic crime drama Scarface. Al Pacino plays Carlito Birgante, a notorious drug dealer who has just been released from prison on a technicality, thanks to his lawyer David Kleinfeld (Sean Penn). All Carlito wants to do is lay low, make enough money to start his dream job in the Bahamas and rekindle the romance he once had with his old flame Gail (Penelope Ann Miller). But this isn’t easy for Carlito as many old faces start to appear and Carlito soon realises that ‚A favour gonna kill you faster than a bullet‘. -M.F.


30.09.2017, 19:17
Antworten #

Deutsche Tonspur? Bißchen billig, die Beschreibung.

FrankMi (Gast)

30.09.2017, 19:32
Antworten #

Les doch die Beschreibung……

Strubbel (Gast)

30.09.2017, 19:33 Antworten #

Billig? Falsches Wort gewählt? 😀 😀 😀

Anonymous (Gast)

30.09.2017, 19:41 Antworten #

Carlitos was hat keine deutsche einspurig. Die anderen hingegen schon

Anonymous (Gast)

30.09.2017, 19:43 Antworten #

Zitat von Anonymous
Carlitos was hat keine deutsche einspurig. Die anderen hingegen schon

Tonspur meine ich hihi

Prospektleser (Gast)

30.09.2017, 19:56 Antworten #

Machts euch doch einfach und zitiert:
Dubbing Languages:

American Gangster: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Carlito's Way: English, French, Japanese, Spanish

Casino: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

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