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Neuer 8Bitdo SN30 PRO G Retro Nintendo Switch, Windows, Raspberry Pi et. @TomTop

von: pRoFeX
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Play any game, anywhere

8Bitdo controllers are designed to be as versatile as possible with each of your modern devices. Easily pair your controller as an X-input or D-input device via bluetooth. You can even use it as a wired USB controller with the included USB cable. We’re regularly updating the firmware with new system compatibility like the Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, Retron5 and more.


  • Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch

Controller Mode

  • X-input, D-input, Mac mode, Nintendo Switch mode

Special Features

  • Rumble vibration
  • Motion controls
  • Turbo function
  • USB-C

Dimension / Weight

  • 144*63.5*32.5mm
  • 114g


  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB-C


  • SN30 Pro G Classic or SN30 Pro SN
  • USB-C cable
  • Instruction manual


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