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Xiaomi Mijia 1080P 360° Nachtversion IP-Kamera [Global Version]

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Mal schnell schauen ob wer zu Hause ist, oder ob das Baby schläft?

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Xiaomi Mijia 1080P 360 ° Nachtversion IP-Kamera [Global Version]

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Die Kamera kann von euch durch Mija App gesteuert werden und ist optimal für eure kleinen Kids, um ein Auge auf sie zu haben.

Beschreibung aus English

– Remote Viewing Automatic Alarm

The Mijia APP can not only view real-time video remotely, but also make two-way voice calls. When the watching home mode is turned on, the camera detects an abnormal situation and automatically records the alarm video and pushes it to the mobile phone.

– AI Humanoid DetectionAfter the Mijia APP has turned on the housekeeping mode, the camera detects an abnormal situation, automatically records the alarm video, and pushes the message to the phone. Combined with AI technology, the algorithm is optimized for the target, effectively reducing the invalid alarm and making the alarm more accurate.

– HD Panoramic Night Vision Enhancement

With dual motor drive, the control unit 360° horizontal rotation adjusts the angle of view, high-definition picture quality allows the picture to retain more details, noise reduction infrared night vision, even at night, can present a clear picture

– Watch Smooth And Save Space

Adopting H.265 video coding technology, the viewing is smoother under the same network conditions, and the video takes up less space.

– Smart Linkage, Security Upgrade

With Mijia APP, you can mix with other Mijia smart products, you can customize your own personalized scene to better protect the privacy of individuals and family.

– Support Multi-person Terminal Remote Viewing

Support mobile phone/tablet remote viewing, and share real-time pictures to family and friends at the same time. For historical video recording stored in Micro SD Card, support 1x/4x/6x double speed playback, which can be quickly searched, saving time and effort

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