GRATIS iPhone-App: „Oilist!“ (Bildbearbeitung)

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Gefällt dir der Deal?

Du möchtest Deine iPhone-Fotos mit schönen Kunstfiltern bearbeiten? Mit „Oilist!“ kannst Du das ganz einfach machen. Die App ist kurzfistig kostenlos (statt 2,99€) im Apple-AppSore zu laden. Leider ist die App komplett englischsprachig, lässt sich aber intuitiv benutzen.

Beschreibung aus dem App-Store:

CameraPixels is an advanced camera app for professional mobile photographers. CameraPixels has powerful bracketing, presets, full manual controls and much much more!

Supported capture modes:


– Photo

– Raw (iPhone 6S/Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/Plus with iOS 10+)

– Video- Slow Motion mode (iPhone 5S and later)

– Burst Mode

– Bracketing Mode

– Time Lapse

– Multi-shot (slow shutter, light painting, long exposure)

Supported video resolutions :


– 640p

– all devices

– 720p

– all devices

– 1080p

– all devices

– 4K

– iPhone 6s / Plus and later

Supported video frame rates:


– 24 fps, 30 fps

– all supported devices

– 60 fps @ 720p

– iPhone 5 and later

– 60 fps @ 1080p

– iPhone 6 and later

– 120 fps @ 720p

– iPhone 5S and later

– 120 fps @ 1080p

– iPhone 6s / Plus and later

– 240 fps @ 720p

– iPhone 6 and later

Manual controls:


– ISO, shutter speed, EV compensation, white balance and focus distance

– ISO and Shutter speed priority exposure modes

– White balance using grey card (long press on White balance icon)

– Separate focus and exposure (use tap with two fingers or „+“ icon at the right-bottom of focus area to separate them)

– Real-time visual feedback

Supported in all capture modes Additional features:


1. Raw capture mode:

– DNG or DNG+JPG output

– Single or bracket with up to 7 exposures

– Series with lapse between captures

– Auto development to JPG/TIFF with specified settings

2. Photo capture mode:

– Series with lapse between captures

– JPG or TIF output with compression level control

– iPhone 7/Plus only: 8 MPx selfies with front camera

– multiple resolution and crop factors

3. Video and slow motion capture modes:

– Output video format MOV or MP4

– Output video and audio quality 4. Other features:


– DNG output in Burst capture mode

– TIFF 16 bit as output in Multi-shot capture mode

– Multiple grids: Rule of thirds, Golden ratio, Phi- Save last capture mode and settings

– Powerful intervalometer in Photo and Raw capture modes

– Torch with brightness level control in all capture modes

– Night mode in Photo and Raw capture modes

– Geo-tagging of MOV videos and JPG/TIFF photos

– Number of images in Bracketing mode – up to 15

– Adjustable Slow Motion playback frame rate

– Adjustable screen brightness during time lapse recording

– Switch between wide and tele lenses on iPhone 7 Plus

– Over/under-exposed indicator and histogram

– Horizon levels- Volume button to capture/start recording

ATTENTION: please remember, Photos cannot open or edit DNG files and therefore what you see is an embedded preview JPG of a much smaller size! Always use DNG compatible software to open and edit DNG files

Die App ist eine Universal-App (angepasst für IPhone und iPad)

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