House Painter Pro (Android)

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Beschreibung leider nur in Englisch:

Paint photos of your house & buildings as though you were painting for real! SUPER EASY!

As you move your finger about, it really paints the house and looks REAL. Featured on TV3 in New Zealand as an innovative app for interior decorators.

* Paint ANY photo. Indoors or outdoors. In ANY colour. Even if you have unusual coloured walls already.

* One-touch painting. Touch a wall and its painted.
* Fine detailed, AI-assisted painting! Paint the wall by hand, and it automatically won’t paint your TV or plants or door frames etc.

* Professional-grade realism: Unlike competitors, House Painter really is capable of painting the full gamut of colours: solid-black to solid-white, while looking realistic.

* Change colours instantly without waiting or re-painting.

* No difficult settings – just snap a photo and paint what you see. Its all automatic.

* Point your camera at interesting colours and watch your room change colour IN REAL TIME. No waiting!

* Match colours from objects in your room or other rooms
* Automatically works out all paint colour codes. Pick colours in all kinds of ways including typing paint codes.
* Supports multiple paint-charts including Pantone, RAL Design, British Standard, Resene and Dulux.
* Send paintings and ‚paints used‘ charts to friends

* Designed to be VERY easy to use right from the start, with next to no controls. Its all automatic!
* Built-in help system, with step-by-step guides.

Featured on TV3’s ‚Tech Bytes‘ show in New Zealand.

It is the most sophisticated virtual painting app in existence, while also being the most simple to use. Everything is automatic because behind the scenes it uses artificial intelligence typically used for robots to see their world.

CesarF (Gast)

26.10.2017, 21:56 Antworten #

Great, Tech Bytes on TV3 is one of my favorites. Like it.

guilletito27 (Gast)

27.10.2017, 07:28 Antworten #

Finde ich nicht so toll

Ax-BeliWolk (Gast)

28.03.2018, 11:33 Antworten #

Das könnte interessant sein: "Ekstar Paint"

Ax-BeliWolk (Gast)

01.04.2018, 14:59 Antworten #

Das könnte interessant sein: "Draw On Screen Pro"

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